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The Omnibit team is always on call to coordinate and keep you up to date with the most convenient way for efficient trading. For any demands or queries, our support line is permanently reachable for any of the concerns.


Crypto wallet

Our platform is subject to the renowned cold storage system which not only keeps your money safe but also allows you to access and manage your funds at your convenience.


Secure platform

We manage data safely and the HSM and the in-flight/at rest Cryptography help accomplishing the 100% security on our platform. Your personal data is fully encrypted, and your funds are stored in your personal wallet.

Our Team's Message

Boaz Kolenbrener


Being a passionate and committed team, we aim for a significant social impact that can bring culture and business together.

Christa De-Anna

Chief Sales Director

Our primary purpose is to design a network of educated people. We allocate a high value to our customers by putting the accent on each one’s transaction.

Radu Cosnita

Chief Software Architect

We have been continuously perfecting our scalable platform along with the security system to be 100% sure the service we deliver is the strongest one.

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